Greetings stranger!

My name is Alex and you’re essentially the reason I’ve created this website. (More on that later.)

First, I want to tell you a little story about myself.

A story that’ll help you understand how important it is for you to add specific habits to your everyday routine, and why that can immediately improve your lifestyle and put you in a position to finally accomplish your most desired goals.

Never be in denial.

For many years I’ve avoided the inevitable. I sat entire nights in front of my desktop playing computer games. While I did it, I manifested my ambitions to be a six-figure earner, a sociable fellow, and also a 6’2 guy with a six-pack.

Sadly for me, I didn’t have anything remotely similar, since I ignored every and any hard task coming my way.

With only the minimum required education (by Portugal’s standards), a lazy attitude, the fear of drawing attention, and a body covered in hair showing not even a trace of muscle — I felt I was doomed to fail.

Incapable of finding a job in Portugal, I went to England to stay under my mom’s wing.

There I would work as a Barista.

Thinking this would relieve me from my lazy ass attitude, I was fired three months later for not “giving it my all”. At this point, I felt useless. Far less intelligent. And far more powerless than anyone else.

I waited for something to happen… something like a miracle. Another job. A less demanding one. Or the lottery.

But nothing would happen of course…

And I started to feel the embarrassing pressure as I grew older.

Yet the turning point happened.

It will seem hard for you to believe…

But things DO happen.

I read a single book, and my productivity changed. Completely.

One year later…

And I’m now in better physical shape than I’ve ever been in my whole life. I can keep conversations for far longer… and actually maintain people’s attention. And I now earn money as a freelancer, without spending 30-40 hours a week sacrificing myself to earn a misery.

All this from a single habit I’ve implemented… and a single book.

What Happened To Me… Can Easily Happen To You.

Sometimes it’s hard to pinpoint the thing that makes us feel alive.

However, I knew what I wanted.

Not specifically, but I kinda knew what I wanted.

And I wanted the freedom to travel everywhere without any constrictions.

I wanted to spend more time with my family, my girlfriend (soon to be wife), and I wanted to be a provider.

The main man. The guy taking care of everyone else.

And even though I’ve still not hit my six-figure target, I feel more in charge of my life than I’ve ever been.

And If someone like me can spin his life around 180º by removing bad habits and adding new ones with very specific yet easy strategies and techniques, you can definitely do it as well.

Listen, as long as you’re cool with:

Learning the habits that make you far more productive, motivated and inevitably successful.

You can quickly change your life as long as you promise me one thing…

That you’ll be consistent with your habits.

My Promise To You.


Even though it’s still blurry, you have a fairly good idea of whom you want to become in the eyes of others.

You might deny it…

But we’re creatures of habit… and we also want to be seen in good eyes by others.

(That goes for me too.)

And the only thing you need to do in order to bask in all the glory you’ve imagined for yourself and become someone everyone can count on…

Is if you implement good habits.

And the habit that started me off on my adventure was reading…

Not any book…

… but my favourite book of all time.

Read this book and you’ll understand…

Exactly what it takes to be whoever you want to be…

Even if you aspire to be a millionaire. (Which is the book’s goal— to make you a millionaire)

Unlike many other books, you’re not thrown vague meanings that’ll leave you in the same confused state you were in right before having read the book.

Calling it great is insulting it because this book performed a miracle in my life.

This said…

Here’s the infamous book.

Now.. If you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to drop me an email at and I’ll be more than happy to help you out.

All the best,

Alexandre Valente

Founder of Creating Good Habits.