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Early Road To Success: Good Books For Teens To Read

Note: These are not book reviews.

You’re never too old to grab a book and apply the knowledge you learn. But oh boy, I wish I had thrown away my lazy-ass tactics way earlier. (I’m 25 years young now)

For some reason, each person has her own timing. And if you’re here at such a tender age…man, I can’t wait to hear from you when you grow up.

Unless you’re just an old parent with entrepreneurial tendencies and wanna find your kid some good books to read so you can set them up with the “hustle” bug.

That’s fine too… and WHAT A GOOD PARENT YOU ARE. Kudos to you.

Anyhoo. There are indeed good books for teens to read that’ll teach ’em and install within them the flair to set aside games (and girls) and finally start focusing on the real deal. If it wasn’t for a particular book I read, I’d still be working on Starbucks serving you caramel frappucinos with a short half-smile stuck on my bearded smug.

Not to mention the low-wage I had…

But that’s a story for another day.

Now I’ll point you to books I’ve read, but more importantly, books that had the most impact on me. If it wasn’t for these books, I would still be earning a low-wage and not $4000 a month doing something I truly like. (It’s not a lot, but still better than serving coffees for 40-hours a week)

Saving Won’t Make You Rich.

This book I’ve read was life-changing. But before I tell you its name, let me say this: your family will pat you on the back, and tell you everything is okay… that it’s fine to fail and live the normal life. At this point, you’ll feel discouraged, incapable of controlling your urge to give up— and drop your weapons.

But the problem is when you fall for their talk. That’s when you miss the high-road. The life you could’ve lived. But seriously— don’t worry. It’s alright to fail hard. You just need to pull your shizz together again and again and again.

That’s what the Millionaire Fastlane taught me. No one can make you rich, but you. And you won’t get rich if all you think about is saving money from a future job.

In the Millionaire Fastlane, you’re going to learn exactly what it takes to pursue the millionaire life (or a better life than the one you’re living right now). This is a real story, told by a real millionaire, who built his business from peanuts. And you wanna know what’s so cool about this guy? He built a secret community where millionaire’s, wannabe millionaire’s, and experts from everywhere gather.

By getting the book, you’ll know where this hidden cove of millionaires is located and will be able to communicate with them.

Habits Can Either Make You Or Break You.

If you can’t change any of the destructive habits you have— many of the goals you want to achieve will be beyond you. As a matter of fact, I realized this because of my obsession with gaming.

I wasted 5-6 hours a day gaming… GODDAMMIT.

I know. E-Sports is the real deal nowadays. But like any other sport, you need to put in the long hours, not just having fun, but studying the rules and mechanics so you can evolve. Well, in my case, I played it for fun.

And in order to cease the 5-year-long habit I had developed for playing League of Legends, I had to crack the code for breaking habits and installing new, more productive ones that would make me feel empowered about pursuing a more tangible, and better outcome for myself.

And the book that helped me achieve that was — The 7 Habits of Highly Successful people. This 381-page book contains real, applicable habit-forming ways that’ll help you do what successful people do on a daily basis. This book will help you shift the way you think and install within you a proactive outlook on life even in a dark, rainy day. It’s going to give you CONTROL of your life, and if you’re aiming for the stars, this a book that’ll add many magical layers to your life.

The Art Of Mastering Yourself.

This header sounds spiritual, sure. But I want to touch on an important point here.

Emotions are difficult to control. If all of a sudden someone shot your dog, I’m pretty sure you’d wage war on the world. You’d be filled with so much rage that you’d turn a blind eye to any consequences.

But once that rage vanished, you’d find yourself riddled with remorse. Wishing you had considered the consequences first.

What I really want to bring home is—If you don’t quiet your mind, you’re prone to commit many mistakes. And these mistakes don’t have to be as grave as the example I gave you above. They can be small decisions in your everyday life that can determine whether you become successful or not.

For example: what’s your reaction when someone brutally criticizes your work? Well, I’ve been knocked down by hard critics. But if I didn’t learn to partially master myself, I wouldn’t be writing this to you. I’d still be banging my head on a Starbucks counter wishing I gave it my all. (Not that working at Starbucks is bad…)

And instead of feeling pissed off about every single bad critic I received— I learned to accept it. And analyze a critic for what it actually is. Seriously, I’ve always been hella moody when hearing about other people’s opinions about me. But I’ve changed that in me. And this book I’m about to share with you was the culprit.

It gave me the ability to control my emotions… And remain like a still pond when dark times took place. Instead of being consumed by negative energy (and thoughts), I was able to find myself. And get stronger mentally.

But not only that. The technique you’ll learn in this book gives you the power to be creative, and find a solution to every problem. The book is called: The Power of Now by Eckart Tolle.

Why Are These Good Books For Teens To Read?

Frankly, these books aren’t exactly easy to read.

Especially if you’re on the fiction drug. But if you’re a teen or a father who wants to recommend some growth-based books to your kid— then these are definitely great options. These books will teach you fundamental skills you’ll need to operate in this REAL SCARY WORLD, or in other words, real life. (Just kidding… life is great yo!)

But hey, I’m 100% sure about this— if you read just ONE, you’ll thank me later.

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