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The Best Waterproof Shoes For Women in 2018

If you’re walking or hiking for longer than an hour or two, it’s likely you’ll come across unpredictable weather or terrain or both. For wet, snowy or icy days, it’s not only more comfortable but safer to wear properly waterproofed shoes, because it so happens having wet, cold feet is not only a horrible sensation, but it can temporarily put you off with a fever.

This blog post is for women who need comfortable walking shoes that can deal with the humid weather without drenching their socks and freezing their feet.

However, are waterproof shoes actually effective?

A recent article I’ve read, claims that these entitled “waterproof” shoes are nothing but a product of false advertising and in conditions of prolonged rain, melting snow, or high-humidy, waterproof shoes are unable to keep your feet dry. 

In fact, there is an interesting solution mentioned in the article: “minimizing the effects of wet feet”.

Unfortunately for those looking for real waterproof shoes, there are indeed reviews that support what is being said in the paragraph above:

amazon review

new amazon review

These two reviews are actually directed at the Merrell Women’s Moab 2 “Waterproof” Hiking Shoes, which are actually a pair of shoes with a 4.4/5 review on Amazon, where, of course, most are positive. 

But what’s interesting is that even within positive reviews, there’s a critic that arises and that is the lack of waterproof capability.

This said — we need to ask ourselves…

Are waterproof shoes a myth, a product of fake advertising, or are there solid, non-fable waterproof shoes that allow us to walk on rainy streets without getting our feet wet?

Well, they actually exist. 

And they’re made out of this compelling Flash Knit material that keeps the moisture out… but also allows your feet to breath. This combo, surprisingly, allows for a stylish pair of shoes that keeps your feet dry.

This is NOT a commercial/popular brand, you might’ve not heard about it yet, but the technology used within these shoes is the real deal, as it was highlighted on a Youtube video by the girls at Insider.

The Best Waterproof Shoes For Women

What is the Secret Behind The Vessi Shoes?

The co-founder of the Vessi brand claims they have created a unique membrane with millions of minuscule pores that seamlessly manage to block any kind of moisture from entering the shoes — which interestingly, are big enough to allow body heat to escape and keep your feet from getting sweaty or too stuffed.

The technology used in the Vessi shoes can be separated into three different layers, which altogether are aptly named as the Flashknit Technology.

The Outer Layer — Move Naturally and Comfortably.

The outer layer was created with a blend of yarn and designed to flawlessly adapt to the contours and shape of your feet. I would say these shoes are comparable to a Skechers in terms of adaptability, and also in terms of comfort regardless of how long you wear them.

However, Vessi shoes were designed for the city, so while you can expect the shoes to provide you a comfortable and great walking experience on city-like pavements, I’m not entirely sure how they would perform on a more rural, rugged terrain, or how long they would last in such conditions.

All this said the Vessi shoes are indeed very comfortable despite the rare odd review claiming they’re hard to put on and how the size ordered was a bit too tight. For the latter, and this was recommended within the questions section of Vessi — you might want to size up for half-sizes or order a Men’s Vessi depending on how wide your feet are.

The Core Layer — Millions of Pores

It’s an intriguing piece of technology. This nano-filtering layer is the much impressive secret that keeps your feet dry and fresh, by allowing moisture to escape and keeping the water molecules out.

In fact, in this video (click here to watch) there are different tests being made to attest to this fact. You can literally walk on puddles and keep your socks dry, it’s very impressive.

And unlike other shoes that claim to be waterproof, the Vessi shoes don’t have any criticism indicating the contrary and have reviews vouching for its waterproofness. 

Disclaimer: They are not supposed to be submerged, as the water will come in through the ankle.

The Inner Layer — Warm and Cozy

This is the soft, stretchy and form-fitting layer that keeps your feet warm, cozy and literally hugging your feet like a koala hugs its tree. Over time, it’s worth mentioning that they will feel less tight, which is something that is often questioned.

In the beginning, it might prove a little difficult to wear the Vessis, but that’s because you need to give ’em some time f to fully adapt to your feets format. Before you notice, it’ll feel like getting slippers on.

Before Ordering The Shoes.

Now, you can only order these shoes online. And as you know, there’s always the risk of you ordering the wrong size. Like I mentioned before, it’s a good idea to size-up for half-sizes or ordering the men’s version if your feet are wide — but you can actually feel at ease because you can return these shoes within 30 days after you receive them, in case they don’t fit well or you’re unhappy for some reason. (Note: Their free returns and exchange policy only works within the United States.)

Might be worth mentioning that the inner sole is removable, and you can sub it for custom orthotic soles if the arches in your feet are high and you’d like to prevent overpronation, as recommended per your doctor.

Last But Not Least: They Are Cruelty-Free.

Another interesting benefit to these shoes is that they’re cruelty-free. Yes! All the materials in the Vessi’s are entirely vegan, which is something really hard to find in waterproof shoes (since what I usually encounter are robust shoes with real leather).

Anyway, the upper materials of the Vessi’s are made of nylon and polyester; the midsole is made of EVA, a type of plastic that is considered to be non-toxic; the outsole of the shoes is made of rubber and the fake-suede panels are made of TPU — which is essentially another type of plastic that is very durable, and often used to create a better lockdown of the heel to prevent slippage.

All in all, I believe this shoes to be super stylish, and the only legit waterproof solution I’ve found on the internet — at least containing legitimate reviews and critics vouching for its waterproofness.

I personally only use rain boots when its raining, but these shoes seem like a solid solution for people who would love feel lighter on their feet, and still keep their feet dry (and warm). 

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